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01 Company Related

What is MiSources?

MiSources(Meem International Sources) is an Export-Import company of India founded by Irfan Habib. We basically export all agricultural product, spices, vehicle tyre, fishery etc. Making a long-term relationship is our first priority

How many years have you been in Business?

I established my business in September 2017. But I have been starting my business when I was 10 years old. If you want to know more about me, you can visit my company profile page or visit my social page.

How large your Customer Base?

Truly said currently I am exporting my product in Bangladesh only. But buyer from Indonesia and Dubai has inquired my product. Looking forward with them.

How do you Source these Products?

Most of our agricultural products are harvested in our local area. So we source directly from our farmer. That’s why we can provide you with a competitive rate.

02 Product Related

How do you ship Products?

Generally, for the perishable product, we shipped through air cargo and for the non-perishable product we shipped through vessel container or as buyer specified.

What is your Product Quality Assurance?

From sourcing to shipping I still manage all the legwork of a deal. We could give full or partial refund if the product received is not as described

How many days does it take for an Order?

Basically, it takes one week to ship our product. But we care about our buyer’s urgency. We may be shipped your product as early as possible.

Do you offer Free Sample?

Yes, you can request a free sample but you have to pay for the courier charges. And when you start an order, we will disburse the courier charges from FOB. which means our sample is 100% free for you.

03 Payment Related

What payment method do you prefer?

Generally, for the perishable product, we prefer 60% in advance payment and 40% before the shipment. And for non perishable product 30% in advance and rest 70% in B/L. if you have any confusion regarding payment related, you may contact me directly.

What is your Refund Policy?

We should refund you in 100% if

  • Product quality is not as described
  • If you want to cancel or skip the order
  • If we delay the order and you have an urgency.

Can I cancel or skip the order after the Payment?

Absolutely you can. But it should be before we purchased the goods from our supplier. If you want to cancel your order and need a full refund, we should provide you 100% refund (except bank transaction) but if we already purchased your product, in that case, refund may be discussable. On payment or refund related concern please me directly.

What is your Trade Assurance?

Every time people get confused when it comes to what if you are not sent the product? What if my money got forfeited?

Finding a reliable supplier is cumbersome, I know. But before you make a decision,

You can visit and see me physically in my office.

You may hire a verified agent to protect yourself.

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