How to Install Avro Bangla Keyboard on Ubuntu 18.04

Are you tired to install Avro Bangla software on Ubuntu 18.04?

The guidance on the official website, the process of install Avro keyboard for Linux is outdated and not working anymore.

If you tried to install ibus-avro using the procedure provided on the official website, you may found that this procedure does not work in ubuntu latest version (after 14.04).

After a long time, finally, Avro 2.1 version has been released for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and later.

And the Linux users from Bengali region really wants an easy installation of Avro for ubuntu.

No more waiting, the multi-arch supported .deb package has just arrived.

Here is the easiest way to install Avro keyboard on your Ubuntu Latest version.

Now like the old way, you don’t need to add the command line repository to install Avro phonetic keyboard.

The official now created a .deb file of Avro for Linux in GitHub.

You can download the .deb file and install Avro on your favorite Linux distro in just one click.

Avro keyboard Download.

Get the latest release of Avro version from Github.


You can see here the latest version of Avro 2.1.

Download the avro_2.1-3_all.deb file.

If you have Gdebi package installer already installed on your system, then you can install it directly with a click.

Here is another procedure to install Avro on Ubuntu latest Version.

Install the Avro Bangla typing software package on ubuntu by the following command line.

sudo dpkg -i avro_*_all.deb

If you are getting the dependency error after installing it, then run the following command.

sudo apt-get install -f

That’s it. The installation is finished.

Now go to System Settings -> Language Support

  • Look at the Keyboard input method system
  • Select IBus and close the window.

You may need to restart IBus to make everything work.

Try the following command:

ibus restart

Otherwise, a reboot may be required.

Configure Avro keyboard on Ubuntu 16.04

Configuring Avro keyboard on ubuntu 16.04 is very easy.

Go to System Settings -> Keyboard -> Text Entry.

Search for Avro Phonetic, and add it as the input source.

Configure Avro on ubuntu 18.04 Gnome

Go to Setting -> Region and Langage from Gnome launcher


Click on “+” icon under “Input Sources”

Click other and search for Avro


Add Avro as Input Method

If you want to set F12 to switch the text input source

Then go to Devices -> Keyboard

Scroll down to the Typing bar

Click “Switch to next input source”

Press F12 and click the “Set” green Button

That’s it. You’re all done.


After a long time, Avro releases their updated Avro phonetic keyboard version for Linux.

But most fascinating things is its not available on their official website. And the Linux users tend to search the guidelines to install it on their system.

But here is I have guided you to install Avro Bangla keyboard on ubuntu.

Let me know in the comment if there are any error occurs during installing.

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