A company is built by someone. Whenever to know about a company, It should be better to know about the person who is involved with the company.

Hi, this is Irfan Habib, I am the founder of this Company(Meem International)

Unlike any other company in this industry, I don’t have too many things to compete with them.

I have been starting my business since I was on 10 years old.
I established my first business successfully (?) in investing of Rs. 100 by giving a local fast-food shop in my village.
And its last only for one day.
The return on investment was actually unknown or maybe I got loss of Rs. 20. My sell was good enough compared to my competitor there. But I couldn’t analyze the costing of my product.

But I didn’t care then because I just enjoyed myself by deploying my first business.

And after high school when I was made a partnership business with my friend to start a garments manufacturing business by investing around Rs. 50000.
We have design one item of babies cloth and present into the market. But no one is interested in buying our product due to we have only one single item even we had the best quality compared to others.
So we produced another three design by reinvesting more Rs. 50000 and represent it to the market.
We made a few sales which were not satisfying. And a few days later we realized that no sale is making again and the same thing is repeating.

We analyzed that our item price was a little bit high compared to others. And it should be because we used high-quality garments but we sited on a market where the cheap products sold on.
And also we learn that not our four sample was sufficient but we need more few designs to attract the customers to our shop. And we had a limited budget.

And another thing we noticed that to make a good sale we need to shout out like a crow but we couldn’t. So in the backend other expenses was going on like room rent, food, shop rent etc that are being debt from our capital. So we packed up and return home.
We had losses of around Rs. 130,000. My partner went abroad and I left alone.

I live in a conventional society where people tend to get a job. None of my society here is interested in business. But I was passionate.
And when I graduated from college, I started a travel agency that only survives for HAJ pilgrims to Makkah. The idea was good and the fees of each pilgrim were Rs. 5000.
I Collected about 30 pilgrims for the first time and 70 in the second time. But instead of giving me that much commission per head they simply refused and negotiated to average Rs. 2000 only.
My expense was about Rs. 320,000 and couldn’t make it as a deal.

Later I start a computer center in my local area. Where some of the e-governance work done here. I have done so many government works but our government denies the payment and the work stopped after a few months.

I failed many times in my life. From Personal relation to Business. But learned a lot. Empty pocket and hungry stomach taught me the best things in my life.

I believe that living a life with honesty is the only form to make my world a better place. If I choose the right path and organize it correctly, there is a chance I could unlock my human potential to achieve my goal easily.

So again instead of giving up, I seek help from my sister in law from Bangladesh to start an Export-Import Business. He was also thinking about Importing something from India. After a long conversation, we finalized to do the same immediately.

And I got my first LC here

We made a profit of around $1276 and it was so satisfying to me.

I build Meem International


Meem International is not a conventional company. The motivation of my company is to reach people and connect people to accomplish a relation with them even there is no return.

I would like to introduce myself as an authentic cultural man instead of a salesman. I have some authentic principal that I carried our everywhere to express myself wherever the situation is.

I believe that a company with a strong culture and great and great purpose perform better in the long term. As I grew up my business I strive to ensure that my culture remains well and alive.

Mission and Objectives :

I want to stick that line which states a seller must not lie in his life even he couldn’t make a single sale in his entire life. Describe the product as it is. Present the product origin. And deliver the promised product.

Trying not to be a smart person but to be straightforward. A smart person makes many sales by false promising but unsmart and straightforward person make a few sales.

Trying to connect every people but would be making deal with positive people. Still, I have to achieve my dream to high but not by kicking any other else.

The mission of my company is to deliver trust more than just words. Business is not a fun or the weird things. Business is not for only spending the money just for the return on investment. A business should be creative and meaningful.

I mean to built first an open and honest relationship with the customer without any physical ROI. Embracing the new chances to drive the company in the far future.

Products and Services:

Generally, I attend on the Trade Fares and meet the supplier. Spoke to them that I want to list their product to sell my client. They agreed and gave me their product catalog.

Everything I could sell or supply to the world. Its agriculture product to electronics, foreign trade to offshore whatever I can deliver to my customer.

Currently, my company is exporting agricultural product to Bangladesh. Vision to reach globally.

I build Meem International to offer the absolute product. And over the year I have involved with some company and never lost out of them.

Management Team:

Till the date, Meem International running by its Founder cum CEO cum Proprietor and that is only me. As it’s a startup company I am acting as all of the key roles and handling all of the legwork.

I believe that there must be a finest attributed team to run a company well.


If you would like to join me, maybe we could unlock the potential future opportunity to make the world a better place.