The 6 Best GPS Tracker for Car

What is GPS tracking device

Nowadays monitoring on your kids or spouse, or your vehicle becomes the most trending topic around the globe.

And it mostly tend to keep watch on your vehicle if it gets stolen or your teenage driver to know where they were.

And of course about your spouse to know the truth whether they are cheating you or not.

It should be exposed clearly.

That's why everyone buying a GPS tracker to keep watch to their vehicles, kids, spouse, assets, employee.

A GPS tracker provides you a peace of mind of your daily work.

Vehicle tracking device is a GPS tracker to monitor your vehicle movements.

And it doesn’t only provide you its movement, Nowadays most vehicle tracking devices coming with loads of feature to provide you a wealth of information.

And when its time to pick the right one for your need, the actual question arrived.

Which one is the best vehicle tracking device for you?

Most GPS tracking device comes with the same intention of to track something alongside some features. It's too hard to choose the right one.

There are many vehicle tracker online. And we dive into them and checked their reviews. And we have shortlisted some best GPS tracker for your car that fits your need.

We pick some fleet GPS tracker that is used to track your vehicle only. And some portable GPS tracker that you can track your assets, motorcycle, kids, family, etc.

#1. LandAirSea 54 Waterproof GPS tracker

Waterproof Magnet Mount Real Time 4G LTE GPS

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Ultra-compact design | 100% waterproof | built-in super strength magnet. A small GPS tracker
  • Attaches to vehicle | fits in small pockets | discretely hide in backpack, carrying case or purse.
  • Tracking device for your car
  • Tracking device for People
Best spy GPS Tracker 

Why this is matter to you

This mini GPS tracking device transmit it's location from wherever it is. Backpacks, purses, cars, coolers, any vehicles, large equipment, generators, pockets, packages, furniture, watercraft, if you can mount it on or include it in, it will go. __A personal GPS tracker

People's lives derailed by using these when they find out that their spouse of 15+ years who they never thought of as being anything but faithful was actually the opposite. There are some things that a person may not need to know but at the same time the truth needs to be exposed. __A Spy GPS tracker.

Easy to use
Includes AT&T SIM with Unlimited Data and Unlimited Access to our Tracking Servers. Text & email alerts | geofencing | driver behavior & location reporting | historical playback.
High performance
To enhance battery life and tracking accuracy, the 54 features a built-in accelerometer which detects motion and powers the device on/off depending on whether the tracker is moving.
Designed for you
This magnetic and waterproof tracking device gives you the ability to discreetly hide it under a vehicle or on any other asset that needs tracking. A Hidden GPS tracker for car.
Proven Technology
Designed and manufactured in the USA, the LandAirSea 54 uses GPS and cellular technology to track anything or anyone in real-time with extreme precision
Real-Time GPS tracker
Since the 54 provides location updates as often as every 3 seconds, you can easily track fast-moving people, assets and vehicles.
Save the money
$24.95 a month | No cancellation fees | No contracts | Unlimited Data

Best GPS tracking device for car or People

Best for Spouse Cheating, Hiking, Kids monitoring, Asset monitoring

#2. Vyncs GPS Tracker

If you are looking for a best gps car tracker but don't want to pay monthly fee, then Vyncs Gps tracker is the right things for you. The gps car tracking device coming with a price tag of $77 including one year of service.
It has 177+ countries coverage for car tracking with 3G connection and uses AT&T network in US. No wi-fi or data plans needed

Who is it for?

  • Fleet tracking.
  • Keep eye on your teens.
  • Spouse cheating.

How its Benefit You

  • No monthly fees.
  • Price included 1 year service.
  • World Wide Coverage,

What You Get

  • 1 Vyncs Link device, SIM card, 1 year of data plan and service.
  • Plug&Play GPS Fleet tracking Device. No Battery needed.
  • Get real time tracking data and positioning.
  • Lots of vehicle notifications.
  • No monthly cost |Save Extra cost
As this small tracking device is a plug and play, you don't need battery to operate. You can set directly into the car itself with the OBD-II port.
You have to pay only $29.99 for activation fee for the only first year. and on the next you dont need to pay the activation fee anymore except the amount of $77 for renewal fee.

Vyncys GPS vehicle tracker Pricing

Here is the pricing for all the GPS tracking unit. Refresh rate upgrades per year. 180 seconds update – Default choice. No extra fee | 60 seconds update — +$30; 30 seconds update – +$80; 15 seconds update – +$129.

Vyncs Basic
$77.98 per yr.
*No monthly fee,
*One-time activation fee $29.99
Vyncs Premium
$84.98 per yr.
*No monthly fee,
*One-time activation fee $29.99
Vyncs Pro
$99.99 per yr.
*No monthly fee,
*One-time activation fee $29.99
Vyncs Fleet
$99.99 per yr.
*No monthly fee,
*One-time activation fee $29.99

User reported on amazon that it  costs 50 – 70% less to operate than other GPS tracking devices.

What the product does?

Now let's talk about what it does.

Enabling you to track your teenager's every moves that shows you where the car is at all times. It tells you about hard braking, hard stopping, speeding, and over accelerating.

You can Put on your elderly father's car to keep track of him. And it will even gives you speeding alerts Too often. If the vehicle leaves your defined area you get a text. If speeding occurs You get a text.

Another great feature is the ability to remotely monitor vehicle stats so you can tell him when its time to get his oil changed.

You can track every detail of every trip this vehicle makes and all for the one time cost.

Lastly is vehicle health. It tells you how healthy your vehicle is overall in addition to battery voltage, warning indicators, fuel economy, and maintenance/recall notices.

You can always upgrade the location update frequency for a reasonable cost.

The specialty of Vyncs GPS Tracking device

No Monthly Charge | huge saving
Price Included 1 year free service | hurrey!
save cost than other device
Positive response on Amazon | it works

#3. AMERICALOC GL300W gps trcker

Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker. For car or People

Know whether you got cheated or not
If you are financially invested in the relationship in any way and you suspect cheating, it’s your right to know the truth. It sucked but this made you feel much better knowing who she really was.
Get Update frequency at same price
1 minute location updates while moving by default. Can be configured for for every 60, 30 or 10 seconds with no additional cost. A Real-Time GPS tracker
World Wide Coverage
Almost Anywhere in the world. Multi-carrier sim supported sim provided without roaming charges.

AMERICALOC GL300W is the most rated device on amazon. Its a Great Product. Works on desktop/laptop and android device.

You can Purchase it to keep tabs on the kids. It will Allows you to see where they have gone, how fast they were driving the vehicle. From where to where they are moving etc. Use as a hidden GPS tracker.

Some user used this device for husband/wife cheating purpose and they found it very effective.
You can check the practical cheating case study here and here
It has 4.8 rating out of over 800 reviews. This mini portable realtime GPS tracker comes with many features and benefit.

Relevant Information

What its Battery Capacity?

This small smallest GPS tracking device coming with the biggest battery capacity, You can get at least 10 days battery life on onetime charged.
  • You regulate the battery life by setting how often the GPS “pings" its location.
  • You can set an auto deactivation mode while your vehicle is stopped.
It has an internal motion detector that wakes up the unit until you start the vehicle. This GPS will shut off after 5 minutes of no motion then kick back on when motion is detected. This device is fully configurable.
  • If you set the automatic tracking interval for 15min, the battery life is a couple weeks.
  • You can also change the frequency of updates in the app in real time.
some user reported that they experienced their battariy capacity at 95% after two full days.

How Much it Cost?

There is no yearly based contract so you can subsctibe any time by their monthly subscription system. You can purchase service after that and it's very easy to cancel anytime and retain your device in case you want to use it in the future

  • And when your buy, you will get two month free subscription.
  • One more note….the 12 month payment gets you three months for free….you can't beat that anywhere

You can configure your own custom frequent updates with out any extra fees.

That is a very good deal for this device as many other company will charge you extra on custome frequent updates.


One Year. for warranty information about this product, please click here

Which Author Payment Option Do I Choose?

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There are a variety of alerts you can set in the software. You can set the notifications to email you when the device start to move and then send an alert for whrn the car is stopped .

It has longitude and latitude and bearing and battery percentages, and speed alarm and email panic button,
the unit can gives speed readings every 10 seconds if you configured properly


This device comes with multi carrier support with internationl coverage. You can use this device within any country and can track any posission in the globe withour any additional cost.

Customer Support

Americaloc customer service has been VERY promptly and satisfactorily responsive for any questions. And their support department is fantastic! Really great product and even better customer service!

Location Accuracy

This device is just what you needed and you can feel confident in the accuracy of the gps tracking. Check the case study

A user done some engineering testing on this device and what he found that battery life and location accuracy is excellent.

You can check the original testing here

  • No Additional Charges for frequent Update.
  • No Contract – Cancel anytime
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Automatic Renuwals

A Cons of Americaloc GPS Tracker:

# The online software and phone app GUI is outdated. (But it is functional and gives you all the information you need)

Some users feel that the power button is hard to press and sometimes it skips an update – but overall the tracking and speed information is exactly what you needed.

# If you need close to real time info it recommend to hardwiring it.

Some users reported that Once and awhile it does lag, because it loses connection and takes a while to reconnect. Could be a problem if you need realtime info.

Americaloc reviews

Is it worth buying the GPS tracker? What others says about it?

Well there are 823+ positive reviews on Amazon. See how much user are satisfied with this tracker.

Easy to install and use
Location Accuracy
Battery Life
Tech Support

#4. Automatic AUT-450C | New Car Assistant

Automatic | More than a GPS tracker

The Connected Car Assistant (AUT-450C) that helps you know more about your vehicle and worry less on the road. This sleek, small tracking device with low-profile adapter powers a suite of safety, maintenance and convenience features helping you to drive free of unknowns.

  • Portable Vehicle Tracker
  • Real-Time fleet tracking.



  • OBD adapter vehicle tracking system
  • Free Automatic CCA app
  • 3 years of free Select Service (including Crash Alert)
  • Free 6-month Premium Subscription with activation
  • No activation fees
  • Free shipping

This device is made for the US only. You can use it on an old car that is built after 1996 with low-profile LTE OBD II adapter. When you purchase, will get a free subscription of six months.

What makes it different from others?

Crash Alert
This vehicle GPS tracking device allows you 24/7 monitoring service that sends emergency services when a severe accident is detected. 3 Years Free.
Roadside Assistance
Towing and roadside services delivered to you, right when you need it. Its is a plus and you hope to never have to use it, but it gives peace of mind knowing it is there.
Vehicle Diagnostics
Decode your check engine light like a pro and possibly save a trip to the mechanic. Get Insights into your driving style as well after it monitors and analyzes that data.



  1. Plugin the adapter.
  2. Download the Automatic CCA App.
  3. Connect to your Car.
  4. And drive with confidence

+Customer Reviews


+Positive Feedback


+Answered Questions



#5. SpyTec STI GL300 tracking device

Mini Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker

If you are in need of the ability to track a vehicle or a suspected person, this small tracking device works remarkably well for the price. You can use it as a hidden GPS tracker.

The newly renovated STI GL300 tracker has near-perfect 4G coverage and now boasts an impressive battery life.

Shield your assets from theft and monitor the ones you care about the most using live GPS tracking with worldwide satellite coverage.

Your Data in Cloud
Track anything anywhere. your car, spouses, teens or elderly father.
Suspeact Cheating?
Geofencing allows you to get notified by email or text when she is leaving the compartment. A hidden tracking device.
Commercial Fitouts
Portable small size goes anywhere, Attaches to the vehicle, or insert in your backpack.
Peace of Mind
Be certain, be smart, and be proactive with this personal GPS tracker. Safeguard the things that matter to you.

How does it improve your life?

This real-time GPS tracker gives you peace of mind by allowing you to track the place of anything or anyone, 24×7. And as the tracker has motion activation, its' battery lasts up to 2 weeks or longer in most cases. That means you don't need to access and recharge it as regularly.

  • Monitor where your teen daughter has been driving so you will know for sure she hasn't made any unlawful 'side trips.'
  • Get a text if your father with Alzheimer's wanders too far away from his home and into a potentially unsafe location.
  • Track your kid to make assured he gets home safely from school.
  • Or track your spouse to see where they actually are when 'working late' again.

its time to know the truth

Know the truth
Verified my (now ex) girlfriend was cheating. Sucks but it's better than never knowing the truth...
So dont waste time anymore
It told me exactly what I needed to know and now the divorce process has been started....
Caught Cheating Wife and Boytoy
Used this to track my ex-wife. Suspected her of cheating and sure enough, caught her....

You would get text alerts whenever your ex arrived or left the dude's apartment complex. This hidden GPS tracker will confirm the location of the cheating partner and give you dates, charts, location, etc.

Since the job is done, just submit a form on their website to cancel the service. They will confirm your cancellation request within 24 hours.

#6. MotoSafty GPS tracking device for car

Motosafty is another GPS tracking device for car which has all the benefits. Designed with the assistance of law enforcement and driver safety experts.

You can Plug it directly into your car's ODB outlet without any hardwiring.

MOTOsafety vehicle tracker gives you the tools you need to coach your teen to better driving. It will send you customized alerts notification for harsh breaking, rapid acceleration, geofence, etc.

As it is coming with ODB support, you can easily move this device from vehicle to vehicle for a family to track different vehicles during the course of a week. A portable vehicle tracking device.

Monitor and Coach Your Teen Driver in Real Time

Always know where your teen is, when they arrive and easily review their driving history. MOTOsafety is easy to install and easy to use vehicle tracking system.

Plug and Play fleet tracking device
Web-based parental dash provides driver's report card.
View real-time location, history, speeding & more on Google Maps.
Native apps for iOS and Android let you monitor from anywhere.
No contracts, just $19.99/month.
Plus an ultra-high quality built-in stereo microphone

Interactive Map Boundaries

  • Geofences (virtual boundaries on the map) let you              highlight important locations on the map (school,              work or friends)
  • Boundaries can be any shape or size
  • Alerts tell you when your teen enters or exits these          locations

Track and Monitor Safe Driving Behaviors

  • System tracks speed and alerts you when your teen is speeding
  • Built-in motion sensor detects rapid acceleration or rapid starts
  • Allows you to coach your teen and reduce unsafe behavior
  • Customize alerts to fit your needs

See Positive Review

81% of reviews holding a positive status

See Negative review

Only 19% of reviews holding a critical status.

Most Recommended Tracking device

A portable vehicle tracking solution gives you peace of mind.