What is the Full Form of BMW


BMW is a German multinational automobiles Company founden in 1916.

The company founded as a manucturer of aricraft engines. Now it’s produces luxury vehicles and motorcycles.

Full Form:

BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works. In German – Bayerische Motoren Warke AG

BMW headquartered situated in Munich, Germany, and produces luxury motor vehicles in Garmany, Brazil, China, India, South Africa, The United Kingdom, The United States, and Mexico.

Company details:

Founded : 7’th March 1916,

Founders Name: Camillo Castiglioni, Franz Josef Popp, Karl Rapp

Headquarters : Munich, Germany.

Area Served : Worldwide

Products: Luxury cars and motorcycles

website: www.bmwgroup.com


BMW official Logo.

Source: Wikipedia