Full Form of CT Scan

What is the Full Form of CT Scan in Medical?

CT Full Form:

CT Stands for “Computed Tomography.

What does Computed Tomography(CT) Mean?

CT is special X-ray test that produce cross sectional images of the body using X-ray machine and a computer.

Computed Tomography Scan aka CT Scan is a midical imaging procedure by combination of X-rayi measurements taken from different angles to produce tomographic images of body.

History and Invention or CT Scan Machine

The CT Scan invented by South African American Physicist Dr. Allan M. Cormack, and British electrical engineer Godfray N. Hounsfield, in 1979

A modern CT Scan Machine. Image credit:Wikipedia

CT scanners have vastly improved patient comfort because a scan can be done quickly.

Improvements have led to higher-resolution images, which assist the doctor in making a diagnosis.

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