How to create Export Marketing Strategy

The success of your import-export business depends on your marketing plan or strategy. 

It generates the outcome of what you implement in your marketing tactics.

We know how it’s important to build a marketing plan in business.

But many exporters don’t realize an effective marketing plan is just as vital as other stuff.

A business plan is not only how to sell your product but also tell you how to keep your customers for a long time.

But which marketing strategy, if it applied correctly, would have the greatest outcomes in your export import business?

How to build a profitable marketing strategy for your business? 

I am here going to tell you some effective, strategic marketing plan for your export business which will lead your business to the next level. 

Please note that my business strategy is not that something that if you push in your business through a few mouse clicks and provide you effective results. 

This is a very serious step by step marketing plan that will take time for a great outcome and exceeding marketing goals.

Here we go.

#1. Know your target Customer/Buyer/Importer

The first step of a vital marketing plan for your export business is to know your target customer.

I know you already know who will buy your products. -The overseas importer.

But it’s not that enough. I don’t mean it.

I mean to know your specific customer by complete scrutiny to their Name, age, sex, country, economic profile, income, etc.

Its called create a buyer persona. By creating a specific buyer persona will empower you to identify who they are actually and what they prefer to do or desire to know.

This will allow you to be sure what you need to promote to whom and how and when its time to offer them.

If you are marketing your product in random of people without knowing what they are interested in and when they appreciate responding to your offer, you are just wasting your valuable time and marketing spend.

How to create your buyer persona?

A buyer persona is something like this.

Name: Whats your buyer’s actual name?

Native Location: Where are they from? In which specific states or regions of a country they are form? Where do they live?

Age: How old your buyer is? Knowing the age range of your buyer can help you to understand how respectfully you need to interact/talk with them. 

If your buyer is too young, you can call him directly or call him by his name.

But sometimes it’s common if your buyer is elder than you, you can put some expectation in your message when you interact with him.

Gender: What is their gender? Segment your list by male and female. 

Your marketing tactics need to deploy by segmenting the gender of your buyer.

If your buyer is female then you can offer her according to women’s natural behavior.

And if he is male then you can interact with him as whatever you can.

Interest: In what they are interested in? What they love to do and see and what they didn’t? 

Like people are not here for just only business. We have more space in our life. 

What your buyer love to do out of the business? Do they like video games or like playing outdoor.

Do they enjoy watching movies? Of if they are just conservative-minded?

This kind of buyer’s data will benefit you to how freely you need to associate with your buyer.

Education Level: What’s their education level. Are they graduated or have any higher degree or just they passed school.

You need to study the most about your buyer’s education level whether they are well educated or not.

You should not mix your communication style with a well-educated person like an unschooled person.

The situation and experience are different. You need to practice some different communication style in different kind of people

If your buyer is highly educated and hold some upper degree or have enough knowledge in foreign trade, You need to interact with this person according to his category.

Otherwise, if your buyer is a simple educated person, you can interact with him according to his division.

Throw your brand voice to your buyer according to their literacy level.

Income Level: What’s their income range? How much they make a profit and gain by selling your product. A higher income level buyer will look at your service for a high-profit margin, so you need to send a resealable price quotation for him according to his expectations.

Another side a low-income level buyer may look for a small or simple satisfied profit margin from your product, so you can send him a different quotation for the same product.

Relationship Status: Are they single or married. Or it’s just completed? Know your buyer’s marital status whether they live with their family or separated.

Language: Whats their native language? Do they feel free to speak in English? What their English level?

If your buyer is well educated and can speak English fluently, you can interact with him (call/email) easily.

But if your buyer is not confidential with English but just can interact through a few English words, then you need to look at specific words interaction (call/email) that he could understand your business proposal.

Favorite websites: What types of website do they visit frequently? In which subject they are very related?

If you can discover by any way of what kind of website do they visit the most, it will benefit you to understand their business’s motivation of how they are serious in their business.

Buying Motivation: What their motivation for buying your product. Are they looking for a different kind of experience or just looking for a cheap alternative from you?

Buying concern: In what they talk the most when buying your product. What’s their concern about your product?

Do they ask for a product certificate? Or concerns about the quality or just the concern about the price?

An example of ​​a buyer persona. Source: Shopify

Building a buyer persona is listing out the specific details and demographics of our targeted customers.

You need to know your target customer as you know your friend and closed person.

Convert your customers as just customers from your mind to as a well known closed person that you really care about them.

You need to treat your buyers like your closed related person or friend.

This is not easy to just build a buyer persona.

Don’t just make too much assumption when you are creating your buyer persona. Instead, constantly look and keep your eye to their social profile.

Respond to their Posts and gather as much as data you can about them.

 Don’t just test. Make it serious. 

A buyer persona is a big deal in your effective marketing strategy.

#2. Research your competitors.

No business exists in a vacuum.

Export business is a worldwide business. And it’s too common that there are already too many competitors of yours.

In every industry, sooner or later, you will find yourself with some competitors ingesting some incredible marketing strategy to obtain customers.

That’s why it’s too important to spend some time to analyze your competitors in international trade before they get all of your customers.

The reason for doing competitors’ research is to figure out what you can do quite better or unique than your competitors.

By doing the competitors’ analysis, you can replicate every move of them what they are actually doing to earn customers.

And also you can fetch their weaknesses marketing gaps of what they are not doing.

Whatever excellent skills or strategy you or your marketing team have, you can not just ignore your competition analysis.

Keeping eye on your competitor’s strategy is an undeniably great way to grow your business.

How to do your marketing competition analysis?

There are many proven methods you can check their marketing master plan.

You can employ several techniques to get the job done.

Search on google about your competitors what extended information they left on the internet. 

Visit their website and check how they designed or write product description page to attract their customers. What gap they left on their website.

Check if they conduct any advertising campaign to promote their product. Either offline or online.

Tap on their social network profile on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. 

Analyzing every post of them will revive you to understand their marketing level and strategy.

If you can, then reach out to their customers and ask them about their experience. 

Speaking to their existing customers is one of the best ways of gathering the real information of your competitors.

Attend global conferences or trade fairs. See How many products they showcased to the customer and how do they doing this.

There are many ways you can research on yourself. The main purpose of researching your competitors is to understand their strengths and weaknesses that will help you what strategy you should employ in your export business.

#3 Choose your marketing channel

Marketing channel means through which method you want to present your product in front of your prospective buyer.

Are you thinking to list your product on some most popular trading sites like, TradeIndia, IndiaMart?

Or you wanna give a try to something new modern digital marketing tactics?

Digital marketing is the most effective marketing that can be great outcomes of your export marketing system if it applies excellently and the right way.

LIke Email Marketing, PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Whatever you choose, you can think to try at least all of this method.

In order to get a significant result from your export business marketing, you need to think deeply about what method actually would have the most positive result?

In which way you can reach your customers without spending more.

I am advising you to choose the most current marketing trends of digital marketing in your export marketing plan.

  • Google PPC:

Google PPC is a Pay Per Click advertising campaign that can empower you to reach and present your product to your customers easily, very efficiently and quickly, within your budget.

If a buyer search for a product to find exporter on google, there is a chance to get lost you company out of thousands of company from the google top 10 search results.

There are thousands of competitors trading the same product that you are promoting, and there are few chances to rank out of these competitors if your site is not optimized for google.

If you own your company website and enriched with your valuable products, then its time to present your product to the prospective customer within a short period of time.

Look at this example. The company opt for GOOGLE PPC to rank at the top on the search result on “chilli exporter” search term.
Google naturally charged per click base. That means when a buyer clicks on the listed advertisement, you will be charged then.

You can see for the search term of “red chilli exporter” google normally charge Rs.12 per click.

You can search on google keyword planner for your products and see how much it cost for the PPC campaign.

  • Social Media Marketing: 

Everyone is using Social Media these days and your prospective buyer too.

The purpose of Social Media Marketing is to create your brand awareness and deliver the trust of your product or service to your buyer through social media directly to their timeline.

Social media is a very crucial platform for the success of any kind of business.

And the surprising thing is the exporters are not using its full potential.

It should be implemented in your business immediately.

Its a customized, very specific targeted customer journey on your digital marketing strategy.

Social media marketing helps you to connect with your buyers, increase your brand awareness, and boost your leads and sales.

If buyers don’t know about your business or if you are just starting out your export business, they can’t become your customers.

Then its time to build your company pages on social media as it’s free so you have nothing to lose at the first time.

Facebook marketing is the most popular and cheap opting for brand awareness, lead collecting, product promoting, etc.

If your buyer is not visiting your websites and not interested in your products, you can then promote your product to them in a different way through social marketing.

while they are scrolling their timeline on facebook, you can throw your marketing product in front of him with a very cheap budget.

It does not matter if you are running a small or large export business, the social media platform is a crucial marketing method for your export business.

  • Email Marketing for export Business:

 now, this is come to let start to contact your customer through their email.

Email is the most essential part of every online existence to communicate with others with ease.

But here Email is not only for communication but a strong method to promote your product to your buyers.

Email communication and email marketing are different things.

You can contact your buyer through their email but what email marketing says you can promote and provide the excitement of your business through email marketing in an actionable way. 

Ther are a few tactics of how to get start email marketing. You don’t just send your product info to their email but you have to analyze how if I send him the interest of my products that he could respond and react to my business. 

And it’s not on time action marketing strategy. You need frequent action on the email marketing journey to provide your company awareness. 

Email marketing is a vibrant and powerful way to connect with foreign buyers. 

study report by Custora and eMarketer says email marketing has a great customer acquisition rate than any other marketing channel.

Digital Tactics that Drive Customer Acquisition vs. Retention According to US SMB Retail Professionals, March 2016 (% of respondents)

Why do you implement email marketing in your export marketing strategy?


  1. Very cost-effective. it’s easy to operate, effective and inexpensive budget. Email marketing allows exporters to send a large number or email at a very low cost.
  2. Very Customizable: In email marketing, the most interesting thing is you can customize each of your emails and send it to a thousand of your buyers at a time. You can segment the buyers by their product category and could send them specific product-related emails at a time.
  3. Super measurable: When you send any marketing email to hundreds of your importers, for example, you can check off how many of them actually open your email and clicked and how many reports you as spam. So it will help you to determine what to send next and to whom.

Email marketing would be very effective if you imply in your export business in the right fashioned way. 

Now, these are marketing strategies for your export business that can have a great impact on your business growth. 

Now it time to imply this business master plan on your business. 

How to imply this marketing strategy in your export business? 

Well, I will say when you are thinking of a marketing approach, instead of selling your product directly to your buyers, think this 4 Proposing method first.

  1. Attention or Awareness.
  2. Interest.
  3. Desire.
  4. Action.

“Attention” or Awareness is to tell your buyer about your existence in international business. You can reach them through email or social media and show them your product and company detail instead of requesting them to purchase them first. 

Now “Interest” is to show them your product by a unique approach to provide trust in your business. Force them to rethink your product why they should buy and what they get to benefit from you.

“Desire” is meaning here negotiate your product. If they showed you interest then they might look for negotiation from you.

Provide the correct reason if you go for negotiation.

“Action” is when everything is complete. Now its time to complete the deal.


In every business, we all want sales more. People always think of how can I get more customers and more transactions.

Well, more customers don’t mean more sales. You can have many buyers on your list, but there is no guarantee that all of them will become your customers.

If don’t spend time researching their business nature by knowing who they are, and what they like, your list becomes obsolete. 

A marketing strategy is not to sell your product only but to enable a healthy business relationship and create a positive customer experience in your business. 

It’s effective if you apply it in a right fashioned way.

Now, what marketing tactic did you tried in your export business? Let me know in the comment.