How to Find International Buyer in 2020

In export-import business, the most difficult things that every exporter asked before they get started, is how to find an international buyer for export business in 2019

Everyone in this globe is finding a way of how to sell products to the customer. who will buy your export goods and how would you find them in the crowd of billions of people.

Export-Import business is a worldwide business. And the thing about it is especially in this place, you need to reach out with your product to the other part of the world as far as you go to sell your product. Digitally or Physically reaching out.

But using the advanced technology in this generation, reaching to the other part of the world become very easy and surely you can export your product without any worry.
what I am saying that you can trade your product without physically reach out to elsewhere by using the method I am going to explain here.

If you already mastered the knowledge of export-import basics that how the export-import works, then this post will help you go one step ahead.

Develop a marketing strategy

Developing a strategy before you go ahead give you a clear picture of your marketing step. There is two way to reach out to a foreign buyer

Online and Offline.

Through online, you can manage all the buyer just from your office or living room.

Through Offline you need to reach by physically yourself.

The first you need to confirm your products category that which product you want to sell to abroad.

Then write detail about the products, that

  • From where you will source it,
  • How much quantity it produced or manufactured,
  • What its price in term of wholesale and retail sale,
  • How its packaged on average export,
  • How the price fluctuates by time,
  • And the supply ability of the commodities.

Why I am advising you because, if you don’t know well about the product, couldn’t describe the details to your buyer, you may get rejected from the deal.

If you are sharing the price on present day and when buyer order you for the product and the market price increased from the day when the contract signup, you may unable to supply at that rate or if you ask the buyer to increase the rate, you may lose the buyer and your reputation.

All the detail should be beside your hand. All the condition should be discussed with the buyer.

These things need to be applied whether you are going through an online or offline strategy for your export marketing.

So when you are ready with everything of your products, then I am going to tell you some strategy of how would you find the international buyer in export-import business.

First, I am here sharing you some online strategy which you can master from your office or living room by using a computer or laptop.

#1 Build a website of your Export Business.

Build your company website to reach to the Buyer

If you are very serious to become successful in export-import business, then the first thing you need to build a website of your trading company. If you are already started the business but didn’t make the website, then the buyer will never found your existence in the export world.

If the buyer found you without having a website may be thought that you are actually doing business in our grand father’s way.
A website tells the export-import world that you are a part of this platform, when they find you, they will try you, reach you, make a relation with you.

There are may website making software and platform that you can make your website on your own. There are so many tutorials on the web which you can easily get help to build your website.

The most popular website making software is WordPress which is very easy to set up and build a website. 80% website of the internet world powered by WordPress and hundreds of thousands of tutorials shows you to publish your export company website.

And if you can’t really handle these things, then you can hire a Web Developer to build your website on behalf of you.
To building a company website, it will cost not more than $50 by hiring a developer.

  • Purchase a domain name for your company name.
  • Choose a platform and get hosting for your site.
  • List every product of which you want to export.
  • Write detail about your product that I have already discussed like Product Price, Supply ability per week or month, minimum order quantity, the payment condition, shipping details, packaging details, etc.
  • Upload a high-quality picture of your product that the buyer gets clear of it. Use an original picture instead of using the internet picture.
  • Create a contact form in every product page that buyer send you a query message after viewing the products

So when you are ready with this, then simply publish your product.

Now it’s not enough to just make a website. Your website should be known by the buyer or when they are searching for a product which you publish on your website, your company website should appear in their search result.

There are millions of exporter and their website who are exporting the same product that you published. And its common to get lost out of this crowd.

You need to do some most important job which will help you to appear in the first result in the buyer’s search query.
Its called search engine marketing. and it’s very easy to do that.

#2 Online Social Business Group and Pages

Social Media Marketing for your Export-Import Business

Social network site becomes the most popular amongst us and we can now talk, make relationships with people from somewhere part of the world without having a background relation with them.

If you already have a Facebook or twitter account, you might make a hundred of relationship with whom you are actually don’t know who they are. And not only just, you see them, talked to them, share them many things of yourself and they are also sharing the same with you. That’s why Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, etc become so popular within us.

But not just we are using it for our personal activity, it becomes a marketing area of our business and people are using it more actively for expanding their business.

In Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, they make company pages, groups to reach out their customer across the globe.

If you search in Facebook by export import keyword, you can see there are hundreds of pages and groups related to export-import business.

Export-Import related group and pages on facebook

This group created either by some company themselves or some individual exporter importer posting their buying and selling leads daily.

  • So you can follow them by liking their page and group and post your selling product on the homepage.
  • You may contact some buyer directly through their profile and promote him your product.
  • On LinkedIn, you can send a business connection request to hundreds of people and share your business details with them.

#3 Export-Import Data Bank or Directory.

As I said earlier that millions of people exporting their goods here and there around the world. You can’t recognize who is exporting and who is importing. How much quantity of wheat does “X” company exporting to the “Y” importing company and in which rate they are exporting in a specific country?

What is Import Export Data Bank?

Export-Import Data bank is a list of hundreds of genuine records of currents day’s trading movements contains products name, export price, quantity, shipping port, and of course buyer’s name with contact address.

This data helps you to grow your business across the globe and This data bank shows you the export-import trade flow around the world.

It has detailed records of shipments of goods which exporting or importing the country.

All the details you can get through a system called export data bank or directory. There are many online service provider who can provide you all the details about your product where it is exporting and importing the most at which rate. And you may also know the importing company details including their contact address.

This option is the best option to get international buyer details because you are getting actually a verified buyer who is actually buying the same product that you are selling.

So after getting his contact address, you can offer them at an attractive rate and quality. If they interested with your product quality and price, the may give you an order to import.

  • Download the data and Analyze the competitor of your commodities where they are exporting at which rate.
  • Find out genuine exporters and importers of your product
  • FInd all-new buyers all across the world
  • Collect their email address and phone no. and contact them by offering your product details.

#4 Online Trade Portal.

To accumulate the exporter and the importer into one trustworthy place, there are some popular online trading portals which give you to list your product and reach you to the buyer. Those portals have enriched with millions of seller and buyer around the globe and get million of buy-sell request every day.

You can also create your company profile and list your product details for free. although you can’t find the buyer details directly on here before your purchased their subscription. But you can still get benefit from them by creating your profile. is the biggest trading portal across the globe listed with Millions of products.
Go4worldbusiness is a buy and selling lead site where you can put your product as selling lead and when a buyer sees it, you may receive an order. is the second largest trading portal after the Alibaba.

#5 Build your own mini Export channel.

You can export single quantity product online

If you are interested in a particular product category which will export in a single quantity, not in bulk, you can build your own retail channel to do that without any help of others.

If you are holding a product like handcrafts product, you can export it to the abroad directly through your website or any third party site like, without any headache like finding buyer, documentation processing, export licensing, etc.

  • Just build an e-commerce website,
  • List your product and write details about how that product gets delivered to the buyer.
  • When an order received, Pack the product and send it through any courier service to the destination country.

If you are unable to build your own shop then you can sell them through,,, etc.
Just list your product on their website, give it details.
When an order received, just send the product through any courier service.
Those sites take a small commission fee and the rest will transfer to your account.

Now I will share you some findings that actually working on physically working. Find your International buyer throug these offline methods

#6 Participate in the Global Trade Fair or Exhibition

International buyer and seller meets on trade exhibition

A trade fair or exhibition is where exporter, manufacturer participate with there product to show up to the buyer. The buyer from around the world come to check and review the product themselves.

You can book a booth for your product with a fee and participate in that exhibition.
A trade fair is a place where you can meet only the genuine people across the world because it’s very easy to scam online but in the trade fair, their participation cost is quite high. So not everyone is interested to book a stall with this price instead of the genuine seller.

You can participate in the trade fair as a visitor only for experience and just collect the visiting card and then make a relation with them after fair.
Or you can book a stall to show up your product to the buyer.

If you really can show up your product in a trade fair, you would be recognized as a genuine seller to the buyer. It will help you to discover a new way to market your product. You have the opportunity to meet the buyer around the globe.

There are many trade fair holding daily in various place.

#7 Make a connection with Commission Agent

An Export commission agent could help you get your Importer

So there are so many options I have shared you. Some of them are too expensive to get to meet the importer and some of them are less expensive.

Now I am sharing you an option which will get you the prospective foreign buyer without any cost. It’s through the commission agent.

A commission agent is someone who is involved between seller and buyer as an intermediary person to make a deal. They have as many as connection with the buyer and the seller which they used to share the contact details with each other.

When an importer has any requirements of any kind of commodities, he informed the Agent first if he has any supplier to deliver the product.
The agent shares these details with a specific seller who could supply that commodity at a competitive rate.
What the seller give him the product details, the agent shares these details to the importer.
If the importer agrees with the term of the product, then the deal happened through the agent. The agent takes a commission as his intermediary fees.

So when you got stuck to finding the buyer, A commission agent may help you to get them easily.

  • Search for some reputable agent in your local area.
  • Contact them and visit their office physically for the first time.
  • Share them all the details about your business and product category.
  • Give them a reasonable rate of your product that fit with the market.
  • Frankly discuss them with their commission fee.
  • Keep contact them regularly, they will certainly provide you some prospective international buyer.

In my opinion, trading export-import through an agent is a great and cheap option to find a foreign buyer easily. If you found a reliable agent and made your first trade, your next business opportunity is too close to enter in the export world.

#8 friends and family live in abroad

This option might not be helpful if you don’t have any friends or family abroad.

Or if you have, then you can discuss with them about your business. They can help you to find a buyer for your products.

But if you don’t have any friends and family then I am sharing you an idea that will help you find an international importer easily.

  • In facebook business group or LinkedIn business group, search for a buyer who lived in your nearest country only. If you choose a far distant country, then it will not work.
  • Make them a business relationship with you and discuss, share advice with each other.
  • Do visit their country and meet them physically in their office.
  • Promote your product and offer them a reasonable price and quality.
  • If they like your product and offer, start the order.

I have written these option to how to find an international buyer in export-import trade. Now we will discuss how to approach your buyer when you got an inquiry

How to Approach an International Buyer

If you’ve got an inquiry from a buyer or couple of buyers, first check their profile if they are verified importer.
Check their company profile and website.
Check their social profile(Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc) what their activities online.
How they behave with others.
Talk to them not only through email but also through a video call. it will make you satisfied with their originality.

These points help you to identify your buyer that you can go forward with them to make a deal.


Finding a buyer for your export business impact a very much. And if you mastered all of the options I have discussed here, certainly can get some buyers.

And note that not every buyer will give you the order.

Each buyer has a different query and intention. So if you approach them in their way, there is a chance to get some order for your products.

which option is better for you to get a buyer?