11 Thriving steps to Improve your Export Business in 2019

So you are planning to expand your export business because you are not gaining or getting the expected result or you are just intending to increase your export sales.

You might lost the flow of sales generation or your customer forgot you or chose another buyer.
Or no one is looking at your products, even you have the best quality.

You are trying to Market more and Expand Your Exports Abroad.
You might be thinking to bring more capital to business to generate more sales.
But don’t know how to improve your export business internationally.

Most business owners felt that they are not getting the expected result because they are unable to invest more.
They don’t know the strategy of running a successful export-import business.

It doesn’t mean that if you expanded your business area, investment capital, etc will bring you more sales.

There is no proven relation between your sales and your export business capital.

How to improve Export Business Globally?

You should think to improve your marketing strategy.

Making more sales required an accurate marketing strategy to get a significant result in sales. you can still make more sale on the same capital by applying some marketing strategy.

If you research in the market and planned to apply this marketing strategy which I am going to tell you, will see a different revenue in your business sales funnel.

I am sharing you some effective marketing strategy and business improvement tips step by step which will give you an extra mile on your business. Some of them are without any cost, and some of them are a few investment additions.

Here, you’re about to get some proven thoughts to grow your export-import business strategically.

I am sharing here 11 exceptional export marketing tactics that most business owners don’t implement in their business.

Some of them are online strategy which will you can perform from your home and some of them are offline which will you obtain with physically.

Strategic planning is the key to expanding your import-export business.
and these are key steps to growing your business overseas.

#1 Create your online presence. Make or Upgrade your website.

Build your company website to reach to the Buyer

In this twenty-first century, the whole world is connecting and fulfilling the requirements through the internet.

The internet is growing as people prefer it as their first option to connect others.

That’s why if you are still so far from the internet and didn’t make your presence online, you might missing a lot of opportunity of international export business.

Searching for a product on the offline is now old fashion way, that’s why everyone is making online research before any purchase. Most of your customer will find you through the internet.

You must exist online as soon as possible and let know your buyer about your online presence.

Build a website for your export business and list your all product there. Publish it on the internet. Every time when you meet a buyer in anywhere else. You must share your website detail that they could check your product online.

And if you already have a website then it’s not just enough to have a website, you should appear in the search result when a buyer searching for your product.

No matter how many products you have listed on your website or how much money you have invested to build this. If you are not looking at Google ranking factors, it’s possible to get lost from the search result.

How can you appear on this search result?

There are hundreds of websites like you and many of your competitors are exporting the same product that you are exporting.

It’s common to get lost out of the thousands of websites that are competing with you.

You should update your website with some tactic according to google search ranking factor to appear in the search result and make a conversion.

1a. Update your Product’s Title

  • Update your headline with a compelling word that attracts customer to click.
  • Your headline should be not only describing the product existence on your website. It should be with a set of powerful words that attract people to click.
  • A catchy headline force visitor to click the link.

If the product’s headline is poor, the copy will not be read. And copy that is not read does not sell goods.

1b. Update your product description with keyword

Before you write your product detail, you must look at how people search for this product online.

When an importer searching a product online, he is not searching the product itself but the product’s supplier. He is searching for a supplier of the product who can supply him for import purpose.

And there are many types of search for a single product. Look at this

Buyer search type for product
Buyer search type for product | Google Keyword Planner screenshot

You can found all the keyword list of your product in the Google Keyword Planner.

Write every detail of your product like how it benefits them and enriched with the exact keyword.

Keyword implementing is the most important things when you building your export-import website.

When you are enlisting a product on your website, look at how many searches make for this product and how people are searching for them.

Collect these keywords and try to enrich all of them on your product page.

Use Bullet Point to describe your product’s Benefits

Make a benefits list of your product or your service.
Giving an outline by bullet point increase the SEO value of a site.

1c Update Picture

Upload at least 4 high-quality photos of your product taken by every angel of side.
Your buyer could see the product in every angle of it and understand the right figure of the product.

Place a contact form to send you a query or provide your contact address to connect you directly

#2 Test the power of Google Advertising

The method I have described above are only to optimize for Google organic search. Google ranks a site according to its quality, content, design, etc.

Those are very beneficial to your export marketing.

Now I will share you another service that Google provides, is Google Paid Ads.

Google provides this service for business owners who are unable to rank on top on search results due to the website’s ranking factors. You can see the top of the result that is marked with ads. These are paid ads.

An Example of PPC ad to rank on the top

When a buyer searching for a product and if you are unable to rank on the result, you can advertise on Google to rank on top out of the hundreds of results.

You will be charged only when a buyer clicks on your link and visit your site. There is no charge for the impressions. Its also call PPC Pay per Click.

You can set a specific area to show your ads. You can set a specific time to show your ads on google.

Google ads provide you an easy way to reach the customer at a reasonable budget.

If you optimize your ads with your product’s keywords list, you may get a significant buyer from your ads.

#3 Try social Media Ads.

Try Facebook to promote your product

Social media marketing is an alternative to Google ads. Everyone is using facebook today. and your buyer also using the same. Over 80% of internet users using facebook as their first choice.

And most of all we generally spend most of our time on facebook. One of the most benefits of Facebook ads is whoever your buyer is, using his facebook account daily.

It has a great chance to show your product to the buyer.

You can ads on facebook like google ads that are very specific targets basis.
You can show your ads only to the male buyer, not the female buyer. You can set a specific location.

You can advertise to the buyer by age, interests, behavior, and location on facebook.

The cheapest ads on the internet are Facebook ads. Facebook allows you to find new qualified buyer daily. You can optimize your ads and get buyers with a minimum budget.

LinkedIn is a professional platform for business owners. You can also try the Linkedin to ads your product.

#4 Using Export Databank.

What is export databank?

Export databank is a record of the export-import movement around the world. It contained the Export product description, quantity, price, exporter’s name, importer name, destination country, etc.

How can it help?

By subscribing this databank, you can see who is your competitor and at what price they are selling the product to where.

And of course, you can get the buyer details with contact address. This is the best option to get a direct buyer of your product. And you can send them your proposal directly with a competitive rate.

An export-import data bank is a place where you can get complete details of the prospective buyer, target markets of your products.

This is the simplest way to understand the whole international market in depth.

There are many databank service provider who is providing data at a subscription base.

#5 Connect more agent

Contact more commission agent to get potential buyer

Export agents are who interfere between buyer and seller to make a trade in a convenient way.

How can an agent help you to improve your export business?

  • As agents already have established a relationship with many exporter and importer, you can get hundreds of buyer through them.
  • Agents know the market well and the can advice you and provide you the potential buyer that you can trade with.

Search your area for a reputed agent. Talk to them clearly regarding your business.

Discuss with them about their commissions. Make connection regurarly with them.

#6 Update your online Trade Profile

If you already have an account on the most popular trading sites like,,,, etc, try to update your profile according to keyword basis.

How to update?

  • Change the headline of your product with a catchy headline that attracts visitors.
  • Write details of your products and enriched with keywords list.
  • Upload high-quality original photo taken with every angle that buyer understood the whole shape of the product.

If possible try to upgrade your profile with their premium plan to rank on the top of the search. premium is a little bit high but there is still a chance to appear on the top of the results when a buyer makes a search for your products.

#7 Expand your trade area

Startup business owner starting their work within a limited area according to their business size. It helps them to create convenience to operate the business properly.

If you are operating your business in a limited sphere and found that the area coverage is too small to get big outcomes, then try to expand your business service into a new market.

If you are exporting your goods only a few countries, or any of your nearest country, then try to locate more country’s buyer to deliver your goods.
How to expand export marketing area?

Find the way to reach out to more country’s buyer through export databank or commission agent, or any other medium.

Connect them and offer them your proposal and provide them your trust and benefit.

Select a new area or country to reach out and grow your business in an expanded path.

#8 Add new Product to your Business.

Add more products to get more sales

Every product is exporting and importing what you seeing in your table.
Millions of product are exporting and importing each day.

How many products you are working with? One or two or a specific kind of product?

There is no obligation in foreign trade to have only work with a specific category of product. You may choose hundreds of products to trade in the international market. if you could deliver according to your business size.

  • Try to add new products to your business that you can get an extra breath.
  • Look which products you can handle to trade.
  • Be specialize in those products that you can describe to the buyer.
  • Choose those products according to your business size.

#9 Make partnership with other Exporter.

Making a partnership can improve your business

Are you a very small type of exporter now want to initiate in a broadway?

Did you get any purchase query or order that you are unable to deliver due to your business capital?

Have you found any other exporter like you that are facing the same situation?

To achieve prominent success in international business as a small-medium exporter, you need to tie up with other business owner or company to work together.

Making a partnership with other loyal business owners can get you both a remarkable revenue if done honestly. Indeed there are hundreds of exporter around you that are trying to expand their business. But due to many circumstances, they are unable to expand it.

  • Contact them, meet them and discuss with them about your plan for the next trading opportunity.
  • Explain to them how a partnership can provide better results in growing business internationally than working as a solo business owner.
  • Maintain the partnership term and laws in your country

#10 Stay connected with your old Customer (buyer)

Did you forget your old customer?

If they are not ordering more from you, then from whom they are buying?

At what rate they have found that you cant process?

What other product they are interested in?

  • Try to learn more about your old buyer and give them a loyalty program.
  • Provide them some discount that they could be interested in future dealings with you.
  • Don’t treat your buyer as a customer only, you can wish them on their birthday, anniversary day, or any religious facts to earn an extra value of your business nature.

#11 Participate in Global Trade Fair.

International buyer and seller meet on trade exhibition

A trade fair is where buyer and seller meet with the with their product sample for demonstrating. The buyer from around the world come to check and review the product themselves.

You can book a booth for your product with a fee and participate in that exhibition.

You can participate in the trade fair as a visitor only for experience and just collect the visiting card for the email address and then make a relation with them after fair.

Or if possible according to your capital size you can book a stall to show up your product to the buyer.

If you really can show up your product in a trade fair, you would be identified as a legitimate exporter to the buyer. You have the opportunity to meet the buyer around the globe. It will help you to discover a new way to improve your export market.


Therefore I have shared you these key strategy to improve your export business globally. These are the road map to gain success in your foreign trade.

When you learn this and apply this in your business journey, you will see a significant improvement in your export business.

What strategy would you implement to grow your business?