​How to Write Product Description that will impress your buyer

Product description and Product layout design mostly impacted your Export Business.

It’s not as simple as you think that its enough to list a product on your website.

One e-commerce study found that 20% of purchases failed due to uncleared or missing product information on the web.

It would not carry any value to the buyer when they visit your site.

The buyer is now on your site and checking the product details. But if you don’t provide a piece of well descriptive product information, the buyer could think your products are the same as your competitor’s products.

A bad product description can turn away from a sale.

It chances that the buyer could leave your product page and your business.

You are an exporter, not a retailer. 

So the product description could not be the same as a retail product described on,

A product description is the most important factor in your export business when it comes to getting buyers.

Most of the Exporter fail to understand how to design a website that fits in the export market.

And also failed to write detailed about their products that keep the attention and fits buyers’ needs.

How to write product descriptions that bring sales in your export-import business?

I am here showing you how to design a product page for your export goods that produce order.

Don’t get me wrong that by reading this post, you can easily write product descriptions.

Writing a good product description needs innovative thinking about your specific product.

A good product copy for your export is sometimes very hard to write.

But when you finished well, it returned with extensive value in your business.

#1. Write the relevant information about the products

Write what your product does and why your buyer needs it even your buyer already knows about the product.

When a buyer found a to z details about the product they seem to judge you as an experienced trader in export.

Look at this product description.


This product does not provide any relative info to the buyer instead of only the product name and exporter response time, business type, etc.

Whey buyer scanned this product and found no relative or detailed information of it, they simply click the back or close button and would look for another product or company.

Now look at this product example


What you see on the above screenshot.

It contained detailed information like product logo customization, sample details, quantity-based price, etc.

Another example of relative product info from indiamart.


These products described Brand name to design, Pattern type, which material used and when the product fits for use.

Here is a good example of Apple mac book from their official site


Look how they provide their Macbook’s relative info to the visitor.

It contained shortly main features that buyers could easily understand without click anywhere.

These descriptive details would provide a positive thought on the buyer’s mind.

The buyer will hold on these pages a few times and scanned this information even if he not ordered at the end.

  • Write your product details with much-intended information.
  • Write if whether you would provide a customized option at buyer requirements or not.
  • Provide a quantity-based price option. It will help the buyer to identify his profit margin very quickly.

#2. Add extended Product Information.

An extended product description provides more extensive value to your buyer or importer.

A product does not only contained its short info, but you need to tell the buyer how this info works and provide value to him.

You must convince the buyer by writing why your product matter to him.

Take a look at Zappos’ extended product description.


They write every detail in bullet list segmenting the feature.

It contains the whole benefit of the product.

It gives a clear outline of the buyer’s mind about how the product gives him peace of mind.

It is a retail store though but it plays the same factor in export product details also.

Another example from Alibaba


They had provided as many details that could fit buyer needs.

Another example from


They don’t just list the product, but they write the feature of the product in the bullet list.


Look at Amazon, how they write descriptive details of amazon kindle white


This is the kindle’s short info but at their end, they explained how their device could help in the buyer’s daily life.


They get to every detail that the buyer could feel how their device provides them a benefit.

Look at another example.


Here is the fact they have to write why the product matter to the customer


Look how they extended their product core information by writing a scannable description.

  • Outline every benefit by a bullet list. Bullet lists can easily help to scan your product in a short time.
  • Make it scannable. People love to skim rather than read the whole description.
  • Explain how it helps them or to their end customers.
  • Describe the advantages of the features of your product if it brings value to your buyer.

#3. Use the power keyword.

The product you have listed on your site is already known to your buyer and it may also available to your competitors.

But a single or group of power keyword could influence a buyer to think to the next step about your product.

They get an extra plus point about your product even the same product available to your competitor.

Take another look from Zappos again


They don’t just write only the product description, they have used the emotional power keyword to manipulate the buyer emotion.

They have used this persuasive keyword to deliver a positive approach to the buyer’s mind.

Look at this example.


What did you see above the product?

It does not contain any additional information but the keyword “ultimate everyday comfort” gives a positive thought to the buyer’s mind.

It provides peace of mind information that the buyer is looking for.

When you are writing your product description, think about the mind of your buyer in what additional thought spinning in his head.

  • Think about which word, if applied in the product description, would provide a positive impact on your buyer.
  • Collect some persuasive power keyword from the internet and apply them in your product’s writing content.
  • The power word gives your buyer the impression that your product is something special.

Unique and excellent product description provide trustworthiness to your buyer and increase sales your products

#4. Use High-Quality Image and video on your product

There is nothing better description tactics available on your product page than your product’s appropriate high-quality images.

Your product image is 63% hold the fact of selling a product if you use this correctly.

Sometimes it becomes more important to show your product rather than just only to tell.

If you are unable to provide relative proper product images that you write in the product description, the buyer won’t trust you.

Look at some great examples of product images on the eCommerce site.


At where you skimmed your eyes in their product details?


Look they don’t just write a piece of well descriptive product information, but added a few high-quality images taken from each angle of the product.

The product shows every angle and folds that the buyer could understand it clearly without having touched it.

It clears the buyer’s mind from any doubt before they make any purchase.

Another example is here.


How to write a helmet description.


An eCommerce study has shown that people hold a product in their hands for a few seconds or minute, it increases to buy the product by themselves.

The research finds that merely touching a product by the buyer results in an increase in perceived ownership of that product.

It’s as true as the hills.

You are showing your product on the web not physically. So your buyer can’t hold or touch your product to imagine its reality.

Turn this scenery to a physical product touching imagination by adding some high-quality proper image of your product.

According to that study, 60% of customer is more likely consider to take action with the product which has high-quality images on the page.

It also provided that 67% of customers think that proper quality product image is more important than product description and other information.

Think about it and implement it to add more high-quality photos of your products.

Forget about traditional photo adding, instead create a new appeal looking photo taking on yourself.

You don’t need always to follow the rules of product design,

You can sometimes make it an ultra-creative idea with your imagination. Don’t be afraid to become unique.

Like this


Create different types of designs for each of your products.


Show you the buyer the whole feature of your product in a photo.

It attracts more than a text description.

Use description beside every product photo instead of making a product photo gallery.

Images carry weight and your customer remembers your products by your unique image rather than text.

Test test test and apply it on your own because it’s saying that the picture is worth a thousand words.

#5. Add an FAQ list to cleared the doubted about your product.

Understand why a Product FAQ is very important.

A FAQ is a set of frequently asked questions about your product.

Think of yourself as an International Buyer. What questions will arise in your mind when you making a purchase or visiting product pages?

It’s about Product quality satisfaction, lasting, usability, shipping, etc.

On the same perspective, you must clear these things to your product page before the buyer throws you any additional questions.

An effective FAQ about a product can educate, provide more information and it guides your buyer naturally about how you want to trade with him.

A proper detailed FAQ option leads you to your business goal and sales.

What to write on product faq?

Write what your buyer wants not about your company details on product FAQ.

The buyer is not interested to learn about your company on the product page instead they want to know how efficiently you can provide the product to him.


Cover Product related intent query like whether you would provide a sample to him or not.

Whether the product sample is free or needs to be paid by the importer.


Give them the reason why would they trust you and your product quality.


The buyer may hesitate and feel tedious to write an email and just to asking you any further addition to information about the product. 

But you can bring him too close to your business by answering the few questions about the products and its procurement.


Your product FAQ is pre-online customer support which relieves from the doubt of your buyer.

The FAQ is a simple and quick way to clear your business mission directly to your buyer.

It helps both parties, exporter, and importer.

  • Keep your Product FAQ well organized. Davide it by categorized
  • Think about what questions are frequently asked about your product. Imagine it and provide the resolution.
  • Solve every problem related to the product and show the solution to your buyer.
  • Make it visually rather than just a text line. Visual elements can attract your buyer’s mind and provide value.

Don’t write payment details on FAQ. Let the buyer contact you first and convince him for payment later. 

If Buyer sees you are demanding advanced payment, they simply ignore to contact further.

#6 Add a contact form to the product page

An equerry form or contact form provides your visitor to send or contact you directly regarding the product.

When buyers impressed and satisfied by your product description, its time to turn for him to send you his interest in your product and service.

But instead, to move his mouse to specific contact pages of your site, you should add an inquiry form on every product page of your site.

It makes him comfort to send his message directly from the product pages rather than click and go another page.

Most of the exporters aren’t paying attention to this strategy of the inquiry form.

But when it comes to adding an inquiry form, what to put on that section?

Are you going to put your contact details that the buyer could make a call or write an email to you?

like this one.


A buyer would not ready to send your his requirement until he could learn more about your product and your company

Your buyer does not have sufficient time to call your or power on his computer, go to and write an inquiry mail to you.

It does not work anymore.

Here is an example of a good contact form to follow the design and logic.


Don’t just ask for the buyer name instead ask the details what he wants from you.

Here is another good example of Alibaba.


They have creatively designed the form that the buyer knows to whom is he sending the message.

Specify your name that the buyer could get your name first.

Specify how many quantities he is interested to trade with.

Another example from Stripe




Create a popup contact/inquiry form if possible. It will reduce the space of your page.

#7. Add Product Certificate

Some products require a certificate to export. If you hold this category of products, then try to upload it on the product page.

Uploading certificate increase trust to the buyer and provide authenticity of your product.


Learn for which certification is needed to export your product.


#8. Packaging information

This is the last but most important option that most of the exporter avoid or forget to add on their product page.

Packaging and shipping information impact the most to the buyer.

By adding shipping information to your product page provide a clear message that this product is easy to export without any worry.

The most complex part of the export-import business is shipping and logistics.

But if you clear the complex path in buyers’ minds, he thinks it as peace of mind.

Just look at this example how this company provide their shipping information step by step



These 8 killer rules of product design in 2019 are based on consumer research, and if you apply them on your product page, it surely can be effective in increasing your sales order.

The main point to design your product effectively because it needs to show up the uniqueness and importance of your product to the buyer.

If you show your product differently to your buyer, it could certainly grab their attention even the same product available to your competitor.

It’s a proven methodology that it impacts your export sales.

I have shown you the 8 product writhing strategy with some great example here.

Did you already imply these rules on your product page? Let me know in the comment.