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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Export Business

How many people did you meet in your life? How many of them did you see they don’t have a facebook profile?

A lot or a few?

Everyone in this generation using the social network on their phones.

There are few people on this earth who don’t use a smartphone and don’t have a Facebook account.

How many people on this globe using social media?

Look at this stats

social media statistics of 2019

There are 4.5 billion people are using social media right now

Your buyer is a businessman like you and he must hold his social media presence to know his business world.

But marketers, businessmen are not using social media only for socializing their life but also using to grow their brand awareness of their business.

Whether you are an expert on social media or a newcomer, you can still get an advantage from social media marketing if you do it well for your export business.

In this social guide, I will help you to understand why you should spend your business time on social media

to grow up your company and I will walk through how effectively you can use it to drive traffic and increase your export sales.

We will discuss here some proven and logical social media technics that specifically need to apply to your export business. And I will share some tips and tricks that may lead you to success on your social media marketing strategy.

Before we get started, let’s dive into why social media is important in your export business?

Why Social Media Important?

Social media is a crowdy platform and by marketing your product on there, you can turn your social visitor into your customer.

Statistics says there are 2.45 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 1.63 billion daily active users

facebook monthly user

Around 2.2 billion people use facebook Instagram, WhatsApp or messenger every day on average.


There are 1.3 billion active users on twitter till the date and 330 million monthly active users.

twitter monthly user

Twitter has less user value than facebook but carries a better weight than Facebook.


Linkedin is basically a Business to Business social networking site that actually fits for your export business.

There are hundreds of thousands of exporter and importer using and sharing their marketing concept on LinkedIn.

Linkedin now has over 500 million business members. (users) and 260 million LinkedIn users are using their profile each month on average.

Linkedin monthly user

The most surprising thing about Linkedin is it’s responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media. And 46% of social media traffic for b2B site coming from the Linkedin site.

When a newcomer is coming to internet life, he is entering it by social media.

According to a study, 90% of businesses will be utilizing social media as customer service of their company by 2020.

So here are the top social media statistics that prove how it’s important to dive into social media marketing for your export business.

And Now get started how to do social media for export

Pick the right social media.

Most business owners or exporter make this mistake to jump on facebook only as they thought this could bring too much lead for their business. This is not necessarily true.

Each social media carry a different type of value. Facebook is a general type of social media platform that everyone is using it. From, 13 years old kids to parents, doctors, engineers, etc. And twitter is less user base but a twit carry more value than facebook post.

And especially LinkedIn is built for business to business relationships.

Before you invest in your valuable business time to picking the right social media, you need to think where is your targeted buyers?

Which social media are they utilizing to reach their potential business opportunity?

By finding that you need to focus on that social platform first.

In my opinion, LinkedIn is the first platform for export business followed by facebook and twitter.

Linkedin is a great tool for an exporter for startup social relationships.

Create your social media profile or Page.

Now its time to build your social media presence on each platform.

Your social media profile is not only for your online existence but it should be optimized with your personal and business attitude, business goal, your bio, interest etc.

Here are some successful elements for creating a compelling social media profile.

And should be applied on every social platform like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn.

Your display name.

In facebook, there are too many fake accounts and the authority deleted 583 million fake accounts in the first months of 2018.

People are using it for fun or a scam?

Maybe both. And your buyer is guessing it too.

Whether its facebook or twitter, Linkedin, always use your original name and genuine company information

Choose your username and URL.

Most of the social platform user name is your sub URL and often different from your display name.

If you are building your personal profile, be careful by choosing the username because you can’t change your user name later.

And if you are building your company profile on facebook or twitter or Linkedin, try to match your URL with your company name if it is available.

It’s not always possible to match between your URL and your name, but keep trying to match related URL on your social media platform and always avoid unmatched or confusing names.

Your profile pic.

People love to share their things on social media and its common that they use a profile pic that is very attractive or beautiful.

But that not applicable to your business profile. Always use a business looking profile picture that means to your business and your targeted customer.

If you are creating your business profile, use your company logo on profile pic and your photo beside the loge on the cover pic.

That will provide a seriousness to your buyer about your business.

Your link.

On how many social media profiles you have created, link every profile by placing other network profiles on them.

By doing this, your buyer can easily connect with you from their verity of social profile.

And not only social media profile but you must also put your website link on every social media profile that your buyer could easily drive to your company website through your social page.

Make sure every link is on the front page of your profile.

Your Bio.

Your bio is the main key factor to earn your customer trustiness.

Your bio means who are you and what you do? How do you do this?

You can’t just write on your bio that “I am an exporter” But specify every detail of how do you deliver your business to the customer.

You must include your educational information and your position of your company on your social profile.

Drive Traffic from Social Media

Now the first thing you need to drive traffic to your company website from your social media page.

It’s not just easy but not that tough.

If you invest time to analyze the fans of your page, where they are from, their interest, their business motivation, according to that you can produce some content to engage with them and drive them to your website.

Research shows that customers who experience positive interaction on your social media page are likely to recommend your brand to another person.

They started to trust you simultaneously by engaging with the most positive interaction on your social page.

How do you do that? How do you create positive things on your social media?

Share your content first instead of your Product.

Do you know what is the content means? Content is something that is earnt your customer retention and trust by solving their pain point.

A blog is a content of what your customers aware of their business and how can you help them to solve it?

Social media is somewhere people are spending their off time and get informed more about their life.

But social media marketing is something else. It means making a connection with your prospective buyer, create a relationship with them and keep engaging with them through your marketing tactics.

That’s why content goes first.

If you post about your industry news, updates, problem solves in your social media timeline, this will surely grab the attention of your potential buyer and earn trust about your company.

The meaning of posting valuable content on your social media is to build a strong relationship with your buyer, capture their attention towards your business, and improve engagement with your social post

Content helps your prospecting buyer to find you easily.

Content earns your buyer’s attention and consideration with your business.

One study shows 88% of consumers search online to seek out information before they buy.

53% of consumers say offering free content on a topic they are related, is effective for attracting their business.

Think always for the first time what is your prospective buyer seeking and whats their pain point?

How can you solve their problem to earn their attention and trust?

Share your product effectively. 

Your product is your assets and describing your product in a way of how it’s different and why the product matter to the customer is your marketing key.

Whenever you posting your product on social media, you need to look at these 4 things,

Product quality: Not all buyers are looking for quality products, there are also options to sale low-quality product. but you need to analyze your audience who they are? Are they looking for higher quality products or a general quality product?

You must know your buyer’s quality standard and according to that, you need to post that quality.

Product Description: A product description is not always detailed of your product. You have to specify why the product matter to them and how your product gets benefit to them?

High-Quality Picture: Always use a high-quality clear picture of your product.

You can upload many product photos that are taken from each angle to give them a clear shot or your product.

Upload Video if available: If possible, then upload a video of your product. Giving them a shot from the manufacturing to the packaging, the buyer will impress and motivate them to engage with your business.

By caring for these 4 things while posting your product on social media, your social interaction will become a compelling strategy to engage buyers with your export company.

Opt for Paid Advertising.

Because all social media have improved their algorithm, it becomes hard to grow your audience on social media.

That means if your social pages have around 1000 to 10000 or more fans and you are expecting to drive traffic by posting your web content, a new social algorithm won’t allow you to reach too much of audience.

Social media platforms are making it more difficult to build and reach your audience organically.

Remember that every social media platform is a business, and so for that, they want more revenue from it.

That is why they are forcing you to opt for paid advertising to reach your expected audience.

its become pay to play game.

As organic reach becomes more complex, you have to pay for advertisements to reach your targeted buyer.

But the surprising thing is it’s not that tough or expensive.

For example, Facebook ads provide you to reach your very very targeted buyer with a very lower budget.

You will build when a user likes your page, interacts with your content or click your link.

Most social media platforms have very reasonable advertising costs.

The more relevant and better ad copy the less you will spend on ads.

Be Social

To get the best return from your social media marketing, don’t just become a social salesman, Try to become a real social person to stand with your buyer.

Spend 80% of your time sharing export industry news, updates, trade conference, etc. Only 20% of your time you need to share your products on the social media pages.

Why I am saying this? 

if you spend most of the time just sharing your product on your social page, the buyer will treat you as a scammer because you are not understanding their needs and solving their challenge.

Always apply 80:20 method on your social page


So this is how you can implement social media marketing on your export business. It’s not a quick method. It needs research to understand your audience’s needs and pain.

And every social media require a different type of strategy because each of them is a different type of person.

I will write later to each of them.

Till now how do you thrive your social media marketing for your export business?

Let me know in the comment.